Graphic Design

Disc Golf Booklet

Created as a school exercise in booklet formatting within Adobe InDesign. We interviewed subjects of our choosing about their favorite hobbies and created an 8 page booklet depicting their responses. All photographs and design elements are my original work. 


Exploring typographic hierarchy through size, weight, direction, and spacing. The same font and copy was used within a set typographic grid throughout multiple stages of design development. The final stage allowed the use of one pantone color.

Decade Icon Murals

These murals were created using vectorized photographs and colored to reflect the context of the subject. They were used as decoration for a “Throwback Thriller” themed Halloween party and were printed as 6’x15′ wall art.

Social Media Content

Social media content created for Michigan dispensary. All photography, typography, and and design elements (with the exception of logos) were created by me using product provided by the dispensary.